Matica S6200LX

A new generation of laser engraving

The S6200LX embeds the latest available solutions for engraving of multi-material cards and stands for the new generation of laser modules developed by Matica®.

It is the perfect solution for the distribution of high-security ID cards and all types of financial card issuance.

What we offer ?
  • Supply
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Consumables - cards, ribbons and accessories


  • Debit and Credit card printing.
  • Health Care Cards.
  • Discount Passes.
  • Insurance Cards.
  • Transit Passes.
  • Loyalty Card Printing.
  • Gift Card Printing.

Technical Specifications

  • Method: Laser
  • Mode: Laser engraving
  • Speed: 2 000cph
  • Encoding: Single or multi smart card contact, Magnetic stripe, Contactless chip
  • Consumables: SmartSupply
  • Format & Materials: CR80 plastic or metal
  • Hoppers: Single card stacker 600 cards
  • Feeder: Integrated flipover, 600 cards, Single card feeder
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Printer Dimension (L X W x H): 1 190 - 2 180 x 550 x 1 400 mm (47 x 86 x 55’’) mm (76-120 x 22 x 55’’)

Key Strengths

  • Broad Laser applications from "simple" text to "complex objects.
  • Ideal for special task application (metal cards, display cards).
  • Mid-volume of cards, based on proprietary technology of S7000.
  • Modular limited concept with flexible configuration and defined field upgradability.
  • PCI/DSS compliant software.
  • Step-up license option to "unlock" any field upgrade option.


  • Card folding and envelope insertion.
  • Inline card mailing.
  • Single or multi smart card encoding station.
  • Smart Secure Laminator.
  • Graphical personalization integrity verification.
  • Magnetic stripe encoding.
  • Pro issuance kit (key locked cabinet, stack light, data encryption).
  • Upgrade to a S7000 high-volume issuance system.
  • S1 High-speed printer.
  • Laser marking: card positioning kit.


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